Glass Tile or No Glass Tile...that is the question!

glass band.JPG

Every showroom you walk into has a multitude of glass tile.  What is the obsession?  We want to try and break it down from 3 perspectives. 

One, the design appeal.  Glass is available in a huge array of both sizes and colors.  When MV Tile started, 21+ years ago, there were a small handful of glass tile suppliers.  The names Bisazza and Oceanside Glass Tile come to mind.  Bisazza was more old world mosaics while OGT was new age, recycled glass tile.  The iridescent finish was very popular until OGT started producing a frosted finish which, if you live in a coastal community, resembles beach glass.Soon to follow in the Glass Tile Explosion was Original Style, out of the UK.   Their glass tile was produced in China and was available in so many sizes.  Glass was now able to take the place of ceramic field tile and it just inundated the market.

Second would be the cost.  Glass tile is significantly more expensive than your average tile.   We find many of our clients will use glass as an accent in their design, such as, a shower band or panel.  This way, you control your expense and still get that "WOW" factor.   

Thirdly, not all tile installers have the experience that glass tile demands.  Some glass mosaics come paper faced mounted.  Believe me...we have seen our share of glass tiles installed backwards!   Glass tile will also cost more money to install so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Oh, and if you think glass tile is guess is it ain't going anywhere!

Let us assist you in tiling your world!