New things happening at New Ravenna!


Mosaics on the fast track

Custom mosaics making positive advances.

We have been a New Ravenna Dealer for about 18 years incredible years.  If you're not familiar with this mosaic company, you should be!  New Ravenna has been the premier custom mosaic company since Sara Baldwin launched it in 1991.

New Ravenna was just bought by their COO , CEO and Rocky Point Ventures in Austin, TX..  Seems to me, the new owners will be even more successful.  The design legacy of Sara Baldwin will remain the core of the company.  

What is exciting to us as a dealer is their Ready to Ship program is getting a major make over.  The products in the Studio Line will actually be manufactured in their Virginia facility which will make it possible to keep a larger inventory.  This is a great bonus for us to get their product to the consumer in record time.

New Ravenna's custom mosaic line is one of the most stunning mosaic lines we've carried.  The standard lead time has always been 4-6 weeks and worth every minute.  The REALLY good news is the lead time has been cut to 3 weeks!!!  In the future the new owners are hoping the lead times will trend even lower.

Let us assist you in tiling your world!