On line vs MV Tile Co.

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Not worth the price.

Don't let them sell you an inferior product.

So, the latest trend seems to be on line tile vendors.   We think this is like playing Russian Roulette with your tile quality and design.  Sure you can pop on the web at any given hour on any given day and browse through an abundance of tile selections but you don't get the full monty, so to say.

What clients see are photos of attractive product at very reasonable prices, cheap is the word that comes to mind.  There doesn't seem to be much educating going on in the world of tile.  What we see are on line vendors vying for the uneducated consumer.  MV Tile guides you through the selection process and will tell you if we think you are heading in the wrong direction.  

When our clients walk through the doors at MV Tile Co., we take them under our wings.  It is our responsibility to not only offer our design expertise but to educate you, the consumer.   Our tile lines are some of the best quality and most elite brands from all over the globe.  You are not going to find the knock off stones you find on line for pennies on the dollar.  Why?  Because most are blown out of the mountains of China with dynamite, yes, dynamite.  They are not quarried professionally and ethically, thus producing damaged stone.  When a premium quarry comes across a bad section, they discard it.  Non reputable quarries just rename it and sell the "seconds" to big box stores. 

We, at MV Tile Co., work with highly principled  vendors and receive current lot photos that can be signed off on to ensure you will not be getting multiple shade lots.  This is very common with on line purchases.  Many on line vendors purchase odd lots from multiple suppliers and sometimes, especially with natural stone, you get a patch work effect.   It really is apples to oranges.

The next time you're in the market for tile, please stop in the showroom before considering an on line purchase.  It would be our pleasure to assist you.  Also, please note that we have an extensive collection of solid surface materials to pair up with your tile choices.  Gotta love one stop shopping knowing you are purchasing prime quality materials!

Let us assist you in tiling your world!