Lava Stone

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Talk about Organic

Introducing Milstone 


Martha's Vineyard Tile Company is proud to present Milstone Glazed Lava Stone.  We are the exclusive distributor of this line on the island of Martha's Vineyard.  

What is Lava Stone you ask?  Well, I have the skinny on this most unique kind of tile.   It is mined in Indonesia and glazed by hand.  The glaze used is a high quality product which is manufactured by one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the glaze world.  Having an extensive background as a ceramicist, in a previous life, I can attest to the high quality of this product.  They actually mix their glaze with special color stains and fire the tiles at approximately  1100 degrees to get the perfect color and durability.


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Super durable

2X5 Snow White Mix


 Lava Stone can be used on floor and wall applications.  It is actually rated for heavy residential areas as well as light commercial.  The bonus to using Lava Stone is it can also be used outdoors, including swimming pools.  There are frost / thaw restrictions so please check with your tile expert prior to purchasing for an exterior project.  No sealing necessary with this glazed lava stone product.  



The white/grey tones are neutral enough to fit any decor.   The patterns add personality and an architectural element to your design application!

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Great back splash choice.  Needs no sealing!


*Exclusively through Martha's Vineyard Tile Company


Showroom vs Box store

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Where to shop?

Showroom vs Box store

I get it!  Most people are on a tight budget, but, why shop at a box store when you get so much more from a showroom?  There are pro's and cons to everything.  I would like to break down why shopping at a reputable showroom is a better choice. 

First of all, the quality and selection in a showroom far out weighs that of a box store.  The latest and the greatest in trends are very important when making your tile selections.   Knowing you are getting the best quality product is also essential.

Secondly, the staff!!!  I know I want someone waiting on me who knows something about the product I'm about to drop my hard earned dollars on.  I'm pretty confident you're not getting that knowledge at a box store. My guess is no one knows anything about the product, design or how to read a set of plans....just say'n.  

Thirdly, I will give box stores a "pro"....they carry stock.  So, for the do it yourself type, weekend warrior, this is a good fit.  Most showrooms are to order with a select few basics in stock.  

So, the next time you are in the market for tile, don't rush to a big name box store....head to your local showroom.  You will be happy you did!

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Glass Tile or No Glass Tile...that is the question!

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Every showroom you walk into has a multitude of glass tile.  What is the obsession?  We want to try and break it down from 3 perspectives. 

One, the design appeal.  Glass is available in a huge array of both sizes and colors.  When MV Tile started, 21+ years ago, there were a small handful of glass tile suppliers.  The names Bisazza and Oceanside Glass Tile come to mind.  Bisazza was more old world mosaics while OGT was new age, recycled glass tile.  The iridescent finish was very popular until OGT started producing a frosted finish which, if you live in a coastal community, resembles beach glass.Soon to follow in the Glass Tile Explosion was Original Style, out of the UK.   Their glass tile was produced in China and was available in so many sizes.  Glass was now able to take the place of ceramic field tile and it just inundated the market.

Second would be the cost.  Glass tile is significantly more expensive than your average tile.   We find many of our clients will use glass as an accent in their design, such as, a shower band or panel.  This way, you control your expense and still get that "WOW" factor.   

Thirdly, not all tile installers have the experience that glass tile demands.  Some glass mosaics come paper faced mounted.  Believe me...we have seen our share of glass tiles installed backwards!   Glass tile will also cost more money to install so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Oh, and if you think glass tile is guess is it ain't going anywhere!

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New things happening at New Ravenna!


Mosaics on the fast track

Custom mosaics making positive advances.

We have been a New Ravenna Dealer for about 18 years incredible years.  If you're not familiar with this mosaic company, you should be!  New Ravenna has been the premier custom mosaic company since Sara Baldwin launched it in 1991.

New Ravenna was just bought by their COO , CEO and Rocky Point Ventures in Austin, TX..  Seems to me, the new owners will be even more successful.  The design legacy of Sara Baldwin will remain the core of the company.  

What is exciting to us as a dealer is their Ready to Ship program is getting a major make over.  The products in the Studio Line will actually be manufactured in their Virginia facility which will make it possible to keep a larger inventory.  This is a great bonus for us to get their product to the consumer in record time.

New Ravenna's custom mosaic line is one of the most stunning mosaic lines we've carried.  The standard lead time has always been 4-6 weeks and worth every minute.  The REALLY good news is the lead time has been cut to 3 weeks!!!  In the future the new owners are hoping the lead times will trend even lower.

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On line vs MV Tile Co.

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Not worth the price.

Don't let them sell you an inferior product.

So, the latest trend seems to be on line tile vendors.   We think this is like playing Russian Roulette with your tile quality and design.  Sure you can pop on the web at any given hour on any given day and browse through an abundance of tile selections but you don't get the full monty, so to say.

What clients see are photos of attractive product at very reasonable prices, cheap is the word that comes to mind.  There doesn't seem to be much educating going on in the world of tile.  What we see are on line vendors vying for the uneducated consumer.  MV Tile guides you through the selection process and will tell you if we think you are heading in the wrong direction.  

When our clients walk through the doors at MV Tile Co., we take them under our wings.  It is our responsibility to not only offer our design expertise but to educate you, the consumer.   Our tile lines are some of the best quality and most elite brands from all over the globe.  You are not going to find the knock off stones you find on line for pennies on the dollar.  Why?  Because most are blown out of the mountains of China with dynamite, yes, dynamite.  They are not quarried professionally and ethically, thus producing damaged stone.  When a premium quarry comes across a bad section, they discard it.  Non reputable quarries just rename it and sell the "seconds" to big box stores. 

We, at MV Tile Co., work with highly principled  vendors and receive current lot photos that can be signed off on to ensure you will not be getting multiple shade lots.  This is very common with on line purchases.  Many on line vendors purchase odd lots from multiple suppliers and sometimes, especially with natural stone, you get a patch work effect.   It really is apples to oranges.

The next time you're in the market for tile, please stop in the showroom before considering an on line purchase.  It would be our pleasure to assist you.  Also, please note that we have an extensive collection of solid surface materials to pair up with your tile choices.  Gotta love one stop shopping knowing you are purchasing prime quality materials!

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